Create a payment for a Collaborator

After a Collaborator joins your project and satisfies all eligibility requirements that you defined, you can issue a payment invoice.

Payment invoices can be created one at a time, per Collaborator, or you can automate the process by integrating your payroll platform with Wingspan.

  1. Log in to Wingspan and go to the Send Payments section from the side menu and click Payables.
  2. On the Payables page, Click Create payable. The Payable popup displays.
  3. Enter the email, name, or ID that is associated with the Collaborator to add them to the invoice.
  4. In the Invoice, add a description and define a dollar amount for the compensation of the work performed.
  5. Depending on the rate that you negotiated with the contractor, choose either:
    1. Fixed—A fixed rate is defined as a flat rate of compensation for services rendered.
    2. Hourly—As the name suggests, an hourly rate requires that you enter an hourly dollar amount for the number of hours worked.
    3. Quantity—Refers to the number of goods produced by the contractor and the rate that they are paid per item completed. For example, if you are compensating a welder for the number of boilers that they welded per month.
  6. In the Pay Date section, configure the date that the payment is processed. Set this field to the current date if you plan on paying immediately.
  7. Enter any Additional Info that you might want to associate with the payment into the following fields.
    1. Project name
    2. PO Number
    3. Notes
  8. If necessary, add an attachment by clicking + Attachment.
  9. In the Share and Pay section, choose one of the methods to notify the Collaborator that their payment invoice is submitted.
    1. Open invoice—You can reexamine the invoice and leave it as pending until you manually approve it.
    2. Approve payment—The payment is approved and processed on the date that you indicated.
    3. Pay now—The payment **invoice **is immediately sent to the Collaborator.