Create eligibility requirements for contracts

Creating eligibility requirements empowers you to define documentation requirements for your Collaborators.

If there is a contract that requires a specific certification, you can make payment contingent on the contractor supplying proof of that certification. For example, if you need to hire a freelance nurse and want to ensure that they are ACNS-BC certified, you can make it mandatory that they supply official documentation before they can start the contract.

To create eligibility requirements

  1. Log in to Wingspan and go to the Send Payments section from the side menu.
  2. Click Collaborators > Groups.
  3. Click the Collaborator group that you want to define a requirement for. The Group popup displays.
  4. On the Group popup page, review the current requirements and confirm that you want to add another requirement to the group. Then click Add requirement.
  5. On the Add requirement page, either drag and drop the requirement document or use the Upload document button. For example, if you require that a contractor e-signs an NDA to be eligible for a contract, upload the e-sign document to Wingspan and it will be delivered to the contractor.
  6. After the document is uploaded, click Continue.