Change Payout or Payment methods

Payout and Payment methods are configured initially during your account setup, however, you can add new methods such as banks or the Wingspan Wallet as needed. Managing both Payout and Payment methods can be managed from the Payout & Payment Methods page under the settings menu.

Note: For security reasons you must use the tools in the application to change payout or payment methods. There is no API to manage your banking information.

When you attempt to change your payout or payment methods, you will receive a One Time Password (OTP) on the phone number that you provided to Wingspan.

The Payout & Payment Methods page is composed of four categories:

  • Get paid: Specifies the default payout method. When you are paid, your net income is deposited in your selected destination account.
  • Send payments: Specifies the account that is used for payroll. This is the account where payroll draws funding.
  • Payout splits: Defines the percentage of income that should be split between your bank accounts and tax withholdings. You can automatically send some of each payout to your Wingspan Wallet for business expenses.
  • Wingspan Accounts: Use the tools in this section to manage your Wingspan Wallet as well as view statements and disclosures.