How it works

Wingspan works best when contractors and enterprises work together.

As an enterprise, the first step to get started is to create a Wingspan account in the web application. To create an account, you need your banking, payroll, and tax information. This is entered into a secure profile associated with your account. With all of your information in one place, you can easily share it with trusted partners when negotiating or signing contracts.

Onboarding and Eligibility

When onboarding a contractor, you need only to invite them to be a Collaborator with your organization and Wingspan handles the rest. The contractor receives an email or text prompting them to sign in or create a Wingspan account. After they accept your invite, they can share their W2 or other tax forms with you directly from Wingspan’s secure document vault. In some cases, you might want to define additional eligibility requirements for your contractors. Defining eligibility requirements means that if there is a contract that requires a specific certification, you can make payment contingent on the contractor supplying proof of that certification. For example, if you need to hire a freelance nurse and want to ensure that they are ACNS-BC certified, you can make it mandatory that they supply official documentation before they can start the contract. You have complete transparency with who you are hiring and for which contract.

Payment collection and processing

When a contractor accepts an invite to be a Collaborator with your organization, payments can be sent directly to them without having to track down their banking information, or other documents. Payments can be automated by scheduling them or integrating Wingspan directly with an accounting platform. Payments can also be made on-demand. If needed, enterprises can group collaborators based on project, bulk-invite Collaborators, and even add custom fields to collaborators and collaborator groups for better organization.

Contractor payment methods

After your account is created, as a contractor, you can request and receive payments in several ways: through Instant to Debit Card, Wingspan Wallet, or Direct deposit. You can use the Invoicing tab in the web app to send invoices directly to Clients. You can then manage your tax withholdings, Income and Expenses, and Wingspan Wallet directly in the web app.

Contractor benefits

Wingspan offers concierge service that aggregates and vets contractor-centric benefits: namely health, eye, and dental insurance. The insurance companies and their plans are found on the Benefits tab of the Wingspan web app. While there, contractors can also take advantage of premium perks that cover Healthcare Support, Virtual Care, as well as Legal and Financial Support.

API and integration

If you want to call the Wingspan API or use it to integrate with another platform, you can do so by first generating a new API authentication token from the web application. This can be found in the Data and Integrations drop-down on the Developer tab. After generating the token, it can be used as the Authentication bearer in the header of the API. After that is complete, you need to define API users and authorize their accounts. When you have the accounts authorized, you can then begin to use the various endpoints of the Wingspan API.