Understanding Payers, Payees, and Transactions in Wingspan

Payers and Payees


  • Definition: A payer refers to an entity responsible for executing payments.
  • Role in Wingspan: In the Wingspan ecosystem, payers often represent businesses employing or contracting individuals. However, this is not exclusive; contractors paying subcontractors also fall under the payer category. Key functionalities for payers include creating payables, managing payees, and opting to disable specific payees from invoicing them.


  • Definition: A payee represents an individual or entity receiving the payment.
  • Role in Wingspan: Typically, payees are contractors or employees paid by multiple companies. They possess the flexibility to invoice in various currencies, depending on their banking configurations. Additionally, they can opt for faster payments via the Wingspan Wallet.

Invoice vs. Payable:

At its core, both an Invoice and Payable represent the same object: a bill for services rendered. Their designation shifts based on if you are the payer or the payee:


  • Definition: An invoice signifies a payment expected by an entity for services or goods provided.
  • User Perspective: From the payee's (Collaborator's) view, this object is termed an Invoice.


  • Definition: A payable denotes a financial obligation towards an individual or entity for availed services or products.
  • User Perspective: From the payer's (sender's) standpoint, an invoice morphs into a Payable. For example, consider a payroll scenario: An enterprise (payer) establishes multiple payables for their associates (payees). These payables manifest as invoices for the associates.

Interacting with Payables:

Users have the latitude to engage with payables in two predominant ways:

  • Wingspan Application: The native interface of the Wingspan platform, allowing users to create, manage, and process payables.
  • Payables API: A programmatic interface designed for developers to interact with and manage payables.

Regardless of the chosen medium, Wingspan provides a comprehensive suite of tools catering to diverse payroll requirements. Whether you're settling accounts with individual contractors or processing large-scale payments to thousands, Wingspan is equipped to handle it. For extensive payroll operations, users can utilize the bulk payments feature, effortlessly uploading a CSV file to Wingspan for processing.