Migrate your project to Wingspan

The business world is as varied as it is volatile and no one solution can fit all needs. However, with Wingspan, you can seamlessly onboard new contractors, manage existing ones, and integrate your accounting and payroll infrastructure to facilitate payments.

Consider this scenario where a toy manufacturer needs to hire additional seasonal laborers to meet the production demands of the upcoming holiday season.

In the early weeks of October, ToyTown Manufacturing, a bustling toy factory reviews the pre-holiday sales forecasts and notices an uptick in expected demand. Excited but anxious, they realize that to meet the demand, they need to hire more workers. They call a meeting with the HR manager and floor manager to discuss the hiring of seasonal workers. The HR manager starts by mapping out the recruitment strategy. The floor manager gives input on the specific roles and skills needed on the factory floor.

They determine that hiring contractors would best suit their needs. After advertising the roles, applications start pouring in. The HR manager sets up interviews, and the floor manager helps in the final selection, focusing on skills and experience. The final selection of applicants accept their offers from ToyTown Manufacturing. Now all that’s left is for the contractors to complete the HR onboarding process. The ToyTown Manufacturing process consists of the contractors providing their 1099 and banking information for payroll, and signing an Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA) and Safety and Compliance Acknowledgement for HR.

ToyTown Manufacturing realizes that they need to onboard and pay their contractors quickly and efficiently so they choose Wingspan for its robust payroll and document management functionality. After ToyTown Manufacturing creates their account in Wingspan, they begin to onboard their contractors through Wingspan. For more information about creating an account in Wingspan, see Create a Wingspan Account.

Because ToyTown Manufacturing is onboarding 50 contractors, they choose to use a csv file with Wingspan’s bulk invite feature to invite the contractors to be Collaborators on their project, as opposed to inviting them individually. To help manage the 50 new Collaborators document requirements and payment, ToyTown Manufacturing creates a Collaborator Group for the seasonal contractors. They upload their ICA and Safety and Compliance Acknowledgement to the group so that any Collaborator assigned to the Group must sign those documents in order to receive payments. However, ToyTown Manufacturing realizes that they want to assign their own employee ID numbers and contractor denotations to their collaborators in Wingspan.

To achieve this, they use Wingspan’s Custom collaborator fields. When filling out the csv file to bulk invite the collaborators, ToyTown Manufacturing adds two columns to the template: one for internal employee ID numbers and one for contractor tags.

Now that these configurations are complete, ToyTown Manufacturing completes the upload process and the Wingspan invitations are sent to the contractors respective email addresses. The contractors accept the invitation to be Collaborators on the project, fill out and sign the required documents, and are successfully onboarded with ToyTown Manufacturing. The new seasonal workers begin. They undergo training, get familiarized with the company's values, and slowly integrate into the workflow.

After the first month of the contract, it is time to issue Payables to the Collaborators. ToyTown Manufacturing chooses to pay their Collaborators by Quantity (number of units produced) rather than by an Hourly amount or a flat Fixed amount. They create a Line item for each day worked by the Collaborator and denote this in the line item’s Description. Each unit has an Amount per Unit and a number of Units produced. They keep their Payables organized by adding a Project name, Notes, and Attach an itemized list of Units produced.

ToyTown Manufacturing’s accounting manager then Opens the invoice for pre-approval by the HR manager and final approval by the owner. After final approval is given, the Payables are included in the next scheduled payroll run.

Thanks to the successful hiring and integration of the seasonal workers, ToyTown Manufacturing meets its holiday orders. The owner is grateful for the team's effort and even retains a few outstanding seasonal workers for permanent roles.