Issue a refund

At Wingspan, we understand that sometimes situations arise that require the reversal of a transaction. If you find that you need to issue a refund, please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Reason for Refund: Before initiating the refund process, ascertain the specific reason for the refund. This helps us expedite the process and ensures that we address the underlying issue.
  2. Documentation: Have all relevant documents ready. This includes receipts, invoice numbers, payment confirmation numbers, and any other pertinent information that can help verify the transaction.
  3. Contact the Wingspan Support Team: Refunds for payments and invoices are exclusively handled by the Wingspan Support team. They possess the tools and access rights to process refunds securely and efficiently.
  4. Email: Alternatively, you can send an email with all details to [email protected]. Please use the subject line "Refund Request for Invoice #[Invoice Number]" to speed up the process.
  5. Live Chat: Visit our website and use the live chat feature to talk to a support representative.
  6. Wait Time: After submitting your refund request, please allow up to 15 Business Days for the refund to be processed and reflected in your account. Our team will work diligently to ensure the process is as swift as possible.
  7. Refund Confirmation: Once your refund has been processed, you will receive a confirmation