Document requirements in Wingspan

If there is a project that requires a specific certification or if you need a contractor to sign or fill out a document such as a Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA), you can make contract acceptance contingent on the contractor supplying those documents. For example, if you need to hire a freelance nurse and want to ensure that they are ACNS-BC certified, you can make it mandatory that they supply official documentation before they can start the contract. As another example, you could require that your contractors sign an NDA and withhold the contract until the document is signed.

Note: In the Wingspan application and in the API, document requirements are referred to as eligibility requirements.

To keep your project organized, Wingspan uses Collaborator Groups to assign eligibility requirements to contractors. For any project, you can create a Collaborator Group, stipulate that contractors assigned to that group must sign or fill out a document, and then assign contractors to that Collaborator Group. Contractors must be invited to be a Collaborator on your project before they can be assigned to a Collaborator Group. Inviting a contractor can be done in the application or with the API and only requires the contractor's email address. Wingspan handles the rest of the onboarding process.