Create an invoice in Wingspan

You can create an invoice in two ways: with the invoicing tool in the Wingspan web app, or by making a POST call to the payments/invoice endpoint of the Wingspan API.

To create an invoice in the Wingspan application

  1. Log in to Wingspan and go to the Get paid tab on the side menu and select Invoicing.
  2. On the Invoicing page, click Create Invoice. The Create invoice page displays.
  3. Under the Client section, fill out the following fields:
    1. Client Company
    2. Contact Name
    3. Contact Email
    4. If needed, select Add email recipient to include more than one email address for the invoice.
  4. Under the Work summary section, enter a Description of the services rendered and the Amount to be billed.
  5. Click Show rate details to modify the rate to reflect your payment preference. Choose from:
    1. Fixed
    2. Hourly
    3. Quantity
  6. If a discount is applicable, click Apply discount to display the discount options. The discount can be defined as:
    1. Fixed amount
    2. Percent of item
    3. Enter a description of the discount in the Discount description field. You could enter a promotional code, for example.
  7. If needed, you can include additional line items by clicking Add item. The enables your to bill a client for multiple services.
  8. You can convert the invoice into a reimbursement invoice by selecting the Reimbursable expense checkbox.
  9. Under the Collaborators section, click Add collaborator to designate a certain amount of the payment to be sent to other Collaborators. This is useful if you employ subcontractors.
  10. Review your choices and entries in the various fields and click Next.
  11. In the Other section of the next page, enter additional details about the invoice. The following fields are optional.
    1. List the project name in the Project name field.
    2. Add any notes that you might have about the project.
    3. Attach supporting documentation with the Attachment button.
  12. Set the due date for the invoice under the Due section. Choose either:
    1. On receipt
    2. 7 days after receipt
    3. 30 days after receipt
    4. d.  On a specified date
  13. In the Send section, specify when to send the invoice. Choose from:
    1. Immediately
    2. On a specified date
  14. To make the invoice recurring, click the Repeat this invoice automatically checkbox.
    1. In the Repeat every section, choose whether the invoice should be sent weekly or monthly, and how many weeks or months to wait in between invoices.
    2. Next, choose when to end the invoice requests. Under the End series section, choose:
      1. Never
      2. On a specified date
      3. After a number of occurrences
  15. If desired, click the Add late fees when overdue to choose the amount and occurrence.
  16. Choose which payment methods are available to the client by selecting the Accept all payment methods or by deselecting Accept all payment methods. Deselecting Accept all payment methods displays the following options:
    1. Credit cards
    2. ACH Debit
    3. Manual Wire / ACH Credit
  17. You can further customize the invoice in the Advanced section.
    1. If you want to create a Payment Link, deselect Send invoice to client.
    2. Choose if you want email reminders sent to the client when the invoice is almost due and again when overdue by selecting or deselecting the Remind client to pay invoice checkbox.
    3. Choose if you want to pass any processing fees on to the client or if you want to absorb those fees yourself by selecting or deselecting the Client pays processing fees checkbox.
  18. Finally, click Send invoice to send the invoice based on your invoice configurations.