Manage document requirements in Wingspan app

You can assign contractors to a Collaborator Group by using the Collaborators tab in the application or by using the API

To add Collaborators to a Collaborator Group

  1. If you are adding an existing Collaborator to a new Collaborator Group:
    1. Go to the Collaborators tab and select the Collaborator that you want to add to the Collaborator Group. The Collaborator profile side menu displays.
    2. In the Collaborator info section, click Add to group.
    3. Choose a group from the list of Available groups, then click Done. The Collaborator is now included in the group. Any new eligibility requirement that is added to the Group is automatically sent to the Collaborators in that group.
  2. If you are adding a new Collaborator to a existing Collaborator Group:
    1. Go to the Collaborators tab and click Add collaborator. The Add collaborator window displays.
    2. Enter the Collaborator’s information:
      1. Collaborator email
      2. Collaborator company (optional)
      3. Collaborator full name (optional)
      4. Contract end date
      5. Collaborator group: Choose from the dropdown list of available Collaborator groups.
      6. External Collaborator ID (optional)
    3. Click Add Collaborator to complete the process.
  3. If you are adding multiple new Collaborators to an existing Collaborator Group, use the Bulk upload collaborators function. The Bulk upload collaborators function uses a CSV or Excel spreadsheet to import the Collaborators information into Wingspan.
    1. Go to the Collaborators tab, next to the Add collaborator button select the dropdown button > Bulk upload collaborators.
    2. If needed, Download an Example and fill out the table as needed with the following fields:
      1. First Name
      2. Last Name
      3. Email
      4. Contract end date
      5. Phone number (optional)
      6. External Collaborator ID (optional)
    3. After the table is filled out, return to the application and click Up collaborators. The Upload spreadsheet window displays.
    4. In the Collaborator group dropdown menu, select a Collaborator group from the available list then click Upload spreadsheet.
    5. Drag and drop the spreadsheet or choose Select file to choose from your files.
    6. After the Wingspan finishes processing the file, you are able to make corrections on the confirmation page that displays. Click Continue to complete the process.

To create eligibility requirements in application

  1. Log in to Wingspan and go to the Send Payments section from the side menu.
  2. Click Collaborators > Groups.
  3. Click the Collaborator group that you want to define a requirement for. The Group popup displays.
  4. On the Group popup page, review the current requirements and confirm that you want to add another requirement to the group. Then click Add requirement.
  5. On the Add requirement page, either drag and drop the PDF document or use the Upload document button.
  6. After the document is uploaded, click Continue. The document summary side menu displays.
  7. The document summary side menu enables you to indicate whether the document should be signed by the Collaborator only, or both the enterprise and the Collaborator.
    • Choose Collaborator to require only a Collaborator signature.
    • Choose Mutual to require both the enterprise and the Collaborator.
  8. Click Edit document continue. The Document Template window displays.
  9. The Document Template tool enables you to add custom fields, such as signatures and initials, to the document. There are three types of fields that you can add.
    • Signature fields: add Signatures and Initials
    • Auto-fill fields: add Date signed, Full name Email address, Compay, and Title fields. These fields are auto-filled with the information that the Collaborator supplies when they create their account.
    • Standard fields: Textbox, Checkbox, Dropdown, and Radio group. These are basic fields that you can use to further customize your document based on your needs.
  10. Drag a field from the toolbar into the document as your business needs require.
  11. If you chose the Mutual signature option for this document, go to the Signer dropdown menu and select Client, then add custom fields as needed.
  12. Click Save Template. A confirmation popup displays.
  13. Click Continue. Collaborators will be notified they need to complete this requirement before receiving future payouts.