Wingspan overview

Wingspan is a payroll platform built specifically for independent contractors.

Its purpose is to simplify the process of managing contractors at scale, allowing companies to streamline onboarding, accelerate payments, and supply access to benefits.

Designed with integration in mind, Wingspan has a robust API that mirrors all functionality of the web application, enabling you to take advantage of Wingspan features, regardless of the medium. Whether you’re embedding payment processing into your platform, determining contractor eligibility for certification-restricted jobs in the web application, or using cURL commands to call the API for Payroll Line Items, Wingspan has you covered.

The Wingspan advantage

Wingspan offers a range of features aimed at supplying comprehensive financial management, and a concierge program, for contractors and small to medium businesses. The advantages include:

  • Onboard, pay, and support contractors effortlessly—With Wingspan you can import contractor W-9 and other tax forms, eSignatures, and bank account information by using our Collaborators functionality in the application or with our API.
  • Keep your data secure—Wingspan was awarded the Level 1 PCI Service Provider certification: the highest level of security certification in the payments industry. But Wingspan doesn’t stop there. They are also SOC 2 and HIPAA compliant. Ensuring that your data is safe is a top priority with Wingspan.
  • Automate contractor workflows—By using the Reporting and Payable tools you can monitor and manage payments to contractors, and with Wingspans integration-oriented API architecture you can integrate with your existing accounting software.
  • Simplify compliance requirements—Contractors can securely store all certification and compliance documents in the My Documents file vault. When necessary, enterprises can request these files to verify that contractors are eligible for contracts based on their certifications.
  • Attract and retain contractor talent—Nothing retains talent like quick payments and a benefits concierge. Wingspan offers accelerated payments through Instant to Debit Card and Wingspan Wallet to both contractors and enterprises, reducing the overall time requirements for payments. Additionally, Wingspan is partnered with insurance providers that design plans for independent professionals. Contractors can browse providers at their leisure with the Lifestyle Benefits tool.