HCM and Payroll Platforms

Integrating with Wingspan’s API: A Guide for HCM and Payroll Platforms


Welcome to Wingspan's integration guide, designed to streamline the process of enhancing your Human Capital Management (HCM) or Payroll system with our cutting-edge financial services for independent contractors. This guide outlines the benefits, features, and methods for seamless integration, paving the way for new revenue streams and a superior service offering.

Wingspan’s API Features

Wingspan was built API-first, offering an easy to implement, modular path for Partners like you to integrate financial services and benefits into your HCM or Payroll system. This includes valuable financial services such as:

  • Instant Payouts: Enable real-time payment processing for your contractors
  • Business Debit Cards: Offer branded debit cards for easier spending and expense management
  • Tax Withholding: Automate the calculation and withholding of taxes for a global workforce
  • International Payments: Simplify cross-border transactions with competitive exchange rates
  • Insurance Services: Provide access to essential insurance products tailored for contractors

Wingspan’s API Benefits

Wingspan’s API makes it easy for your contractors to access these services, creating revenue share opportunities by monetizing economic activity on your platform through embedded finance and new product lines.

This strategic partnership benefits all stakeholders by providing:

  • Partners: A competitive edge with an expanded suite of services and new revenue opportunities.
  • Contractors: A comprehensive, seamless financial experience that meets their diverse needs.
  • Clients: Strengthened relationships with contractors and enhanced platform loyalty.

Integration Methods

Simplifies development with a robust toolkit, while retaining customization capabilities. Best for platforms that need API power, use supported development environments, and want a framework to build on.

Quick and easy integration using pre-built UI components, minimizing development effort. Can be used with the API and is suitable for platforms looking for rapid deployment with some internal development resources.

White Label Solution

Fastest time to market with no development effort, offering Wingspan's services under the Partner's brand. Ideal for rapidly expanding service offerings


To create a fully integrated experience, Partners can use the Wingspan Organizations framework to create and manage their contractor accounts. This gives the Partner the ability to use SSO and make API calls on behalf of Wingspan contractor accounts.

This structure allows Partners to manage end-user interactions and payments directly within their system, providing a seamless experience. Each contractor account child node would function as an independent entity under the Partner’s parent organization, ensuring isolated management of contractor resources and data, while still operating as a unified graph.

Partners will use the Wingspan Organizational User Session API to perform API calls on the contractor’s behalf – including logging them into a Wingspan white-labeled, or embedded experience.

Funds Flow

There are two recommended options for distributing payments to Wingspan financial benefits like business banking or tax withholdings. Both methods appear similar to the contractor end-user; however, there is less technical complexity for the Partner using Option A.

Option A: Wingspan Managed Funds Distribution (Recommended)

In this scenario, Wingspan takes an active role in managing the financial transactions. After creating a payment for a contractor, Wingspan receives the entire payment from the HCM Partner. Subsequently, Wingspan is responsible for distributing these funds appropriately.

This includes sending the payment to the contractor’s external bank account, depositing the necessary amount into their tax withholding accounts, and ensuring that their business banking and any other benefits accounts are credited. This flow centralizes financial management with Wingspan, simplifying the process for the HCM Partner.

Option B: HCM Platform Managed Funds Distribution

Using this option, the Partner assumes a direct role in the payment process. The Partner is responsible for calculating the portion of the payment that should land in the contractor’s external bank account, business banking account, tax withholding, etc. Once the calculation is performed, the Partner makes separate disbursements to the appropriate destinations.

This method allows the Partner to maintain direct control over the primary payment to the contractor while relying on Wingspan to manage the distribution of funds for taxes and benefits.

Wingspan Integration and Services Overview

Wingspan offers a suite of financial services and benefits that can be integrated into HCM or Payroll systems, enabling Partners to offer valuable features to their contractors. These services include:

  • Instant Payouts: Enable real-time payment processing for contractors, generating revenue share opportunities for Partners.

  • Business Banking: Provide contractors with digital wallets to manage their business finances, encouraging platform engagement.

  • Business Debit Cards: Offer branded debit cards for easier expense management, with Partners earning revenue share on transactions.

  • Tax Withholding: Automate tax calculation and withholding for a global workforce, with Wingspan accounts enabling direct IRS payments.

  • International Payments: Facilitate global contractor payments, opening new markets and revenue share opportunities for Partners.

  • Insurance Services: Enhance contractor security and generate revenue share via:

    • Wingspan's curated suite of insurance plans
    • Integration of Partner's selected plans into Wingspan's marketplace
    • Partner managing plans directly with cost and data integration

Funds Flow

There are two recommended options for distributing payments to Wingspan financial accounts:

Option A: Wingspan Managed
Wingspan Managed Funds Distribution
Wingspan receives the entire payment and distributes funds to the appropriate contractor accounts. Simplifies the process for Partners.

Option B: Partner Managed
HCM Platform Managed Funds Distribution
Partner calculates payment splits and makes separate disbursements to contractor accounts. Allows Partner to maintain control over primary contractor payment..

Implementation Process

Depending on your utilization of the Wingspan API, implementation time can vary based on the complexity of the inputs. With such Partnerships, other stages such as Discover, Testing and Deployment should be given the necessary attention they are due. This Partnership is intended to be done in waves, starting with a pilot group of users, and then progressing through a series of waves until 100% deployment is reached.

Through our APIs, SDKs, documentation and our Solutions Team, Partners have everything they need for a successful and timely integration with Wingspan's offerings.

Pre-build plan

Discovery and AlignmentIdentify Goals and How to Best Execute3-5 Weeks

Build and Test

DevelopmentUtilize Wingspans API to Build your Vision6-12 Weeks
Testing and FeedbackComprehensive Testing and Feedback with Initial POC Testing Cohort4-6 Weeks


Deployment/HyperCareGradually roll out the integration to all users, monitoring for any unexpected behavior and making necessary adjustments.4-8 Weeks