Create a Wingspan account

Creating an account with Wingspan is a straightforward procedure that consists of choosing your membership plan, signing in and choosing a password, and entering your business and banking information.

Before you begin

No matter what plan is right for you, it’s important to collect and organize the information that Wingspan requires for an account. This includes several types of business, identification, and banking information.

For enterprises:

  • Login requirements:
    • Login email address
    • Password
    • Phone number—for One Time Password (OTP) verification
  • Business settings
    • Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process
    • Organization configuration
    • Employer Identification Number (EIN) notice form SS-4
    • Business address
    • Your company logo
  • Officer or 25% ownership verification
    • Personal data for the corporate officer or interest owners holding 25% or more of the company.
      • Social Security Number
      • Date of Birth
      • Business address
  • Banking details
    • Online login credentials
    • Routing number
    • Account number
  • Team member permission assignments
    • Which of you team members to invite
    • Assignment of roles
    • Permissions setup

For contractors:

  • Employer Identification Number or Social Security Number
  • Physical Address
  • Bank Account Number
  • Bank Routing Number
  • Phone Number

If you are a foreign national, ensure that you have all the appropriate tax and legal information for your country and your bank. This could include your country’s national tax ID, passport number, and W-8 BEN.

To create a Wingspan account:

  1. Choose your plan.

Wingspan offers a series of plans at competitive price points that can accommodate anything from an individual contractor to multi-national enterprises. For the latest in pricing and featured benefits, see

  1. After determining which plan is right for you, go to the Wingspan contractor sign-in page or the Wingspan enterprise sign-in page and select Create an account under the New here? section.
  2. Before you sign in, you are presented with a pre-signup questionnaire that guides you towards the Wingspan features that fit you best.
  3. Now that the questionnaire is complete, sign-in with either:
    1. Single Sign-on with Google
    2. Email and Password

Note: The email field auto-populates if you were invited to be a Collaborator.

  1. You are then prompted to verify your account with a One Time Password (OTP). To verify your account, enter a mobile phone number and click Send code.
  2. Enter the verification code into the text box and select Verify. You are taken to the Get paid your way page in the web application.

Note: While you can choose to explore the application at this point, it is recommended to configure banking and business settings first.

  1. On the Get paid your way page, click Set up Payments. You are prompted to verify your business information.

Note: If you are an LLC or Partnership, you are required to enter your business information. Otherwise only your address is required on this page.

  1. In the Business information section, if you have an Employer Identification Number (EIN) click the check box. Additional fields are displayed.
  2. Fill out the fields in the Business information section by entering the following information:
    1. Legal business name
    2. Choose your Business type from the dropdown list.
    3. Employer Identification Number (EIN)
    4. Indicate the State that your business is incorporated in from the State of incorporation drop down list.
    5. Choose the year you incorporated your business from the Year of incorporation dropdown list.
    6. Legal first name
    7. Legal last name
    8. Public business name
    9. Select your industry from the Industry dropdown list.
  3. Now, in the Address section, fill out the fields by entering the following information:
    1. Country
    2. Street address
    3. City
    4. State
    5. Zip code
  4. Click Verify business information. The Verify personal details page displays.
  5. On the Verify personal details page, enter your:
    1. Legal first name
    2. Legal last name
    3. Taxpayer Identification Number or Social Security Number
    4. Preferred name (optional)
    5. Birthday
  6. Click the Verify personal details button.
  7. For contractors, you are prompted to certify your W-9. Click the Check box to certify that the information is correct, and then click Accept payments.
  8. Next, as a contractor, consent to receive electronic copies of Form 1099 by clicking the Check box, and then click Continue.
  9. Finally, on the Where should we deposit your income? page, choose one of the three methods to configure your banking information:
    1. Instant to Debit Card
    2. Wingspan Wallet
    3. Bank Account
  10. Click the Check box to agree to the terms and conditions, and then click Continue.
  11. If you chose Instant to Debit Card:
    1. Enter your Card Details
    2. Enter your Billing Address

Note: Instant payouts cost 1% of the payout amount, with a minimum fee of $0.50.

  1. If you chose Wingspan Wallet: follow the in-application instructions to sign up for your Wingspan Wallet. For more information about setting up your Wingspan Wallet, see .
  2. If you chose Bank Account, there are two options to set up direct deposit.
    1. Connect instantly with Plaid by entering your bank log-in information.
    2. Enter your bank account details manually.

Now that your business, personal, and bank account information is configured, your account is set up and you can begin to use Wingspan.