Recipient Experience Walkthrough

Review the user experience your recipient collaborators will go through to verify their tax information and access their 1099s.

Wingspan provides two recipient experiences for tax filing:

A. Tax Information Confirmation

Before filing, Wingspan confirms your recipient's tax information and preferences for receiving their 1099-NEC form.

B. 1099-NEC Delivery & Correction Requests

After filing, Wingspan notifies your recipients when their 1099-NECs are ready and offers optional e-delivery of the forms.

A. Tax information confirmation

1. Your Recipient Receives an Email Notification from Wingspan

Your recipient receives an email from Wingspan that asks them to confirm their W-9 information and update their delivery preferences. Up to three notification emails will be sent over a two-week period until their tax information is confirmed.

Subject: Important: Action Required to Receive Your 1099 Tax Form from [Your Company]
Sender: [email protected]

2. Sign Up or Sign Into Wingspan

Sign up screenshot

Sign up screenshot

Optional Identity Verification

If you, as the payer, have already provided W-9 information for the recipient, their identity will be verified. They will either be prompted to enter the last 4 digits of their Employer Identification Number (EIN) and their legal business name or to input their legal first name, last name, and Social Security Number (SSN).

Screenshot of a page showing a prompt to enter a first name, last name and last 4 characters of SSN.

If the recipient's information does not match what you have provided, they are prompted to contact you to confirm the data on file. After three incorrect attempts, their account will be locked for security reasons.

You responsibility is to ensure the recipient information on file is accurate, and communicate with the vendor.

3. W-9 Information Entry

Your recipient is prompted to enter the details on their digital Form W-9. Upon submission, Wingspan automatically verifies the recipient's Tax Identification Number (TIN) with the IRS through their TIN matching program.

When the IRS returns a mismatch for a recipient's TIN, whether it's an EIN or an SSN, the recipient is guided to take specific actions:

Common Steps for Both EIN and SSN Recipients:

  1. Verification: Instructed to cross-verify their TIN and corresponding names with their official IRS or Social Security documentation.

  2. IRS Consultation: Recommended to make a call to the IRS to confirm the accuracy of the TIN and the name according to IRS records.

  3. Recent Changes: Advised to update their records if there have been changes to either a business name or a personal legal name due to life events like marriage or divorce. For business changes, IRS Form 8822-B is required.

  4. Document Upload: Offered the option for manual verification by uploading supporting documents such as IRS Form 147c, IRS Form CP-575, or a Social Security Card.

  5. Additional Assistance: Provided with a specialized guide for further help in resolving TIN mismatch issues.

4. Legal Certification of W-9 and Consent for Sharing

Your recipients are required to legally certify that their W-9 information is accurate and to consent to sharing it with you.

5. Optional Consent for Electronic 1099-NEC Delivery

6. Final Review and Confirmation

The recipient is prompted to complete a final review of their tax information to confirm its accuracy.

B. 1099-NEC Delivery

1. Notification Email

Subject: [IMPORTANT] Your [Payer Name] Form 1099 for [Year] is now available.

Sender: [email protected]

2. Details and Download

The recipient will be able to download their 1099 PDF, view details including associated payments and request a correction.

Request a Correction

Recipients have the ability to request a correction in-app. When they do, they'll be prompted to select the information that is incorrect on their tax form. You, the payer, will receive a notification when the correction is requested to approve or reject it.