Setup 1099 Filing & Invite Recipients

How to setup 1099 filing and invite recipients to confirm their tax information.

Starting on December 4th, you'll have the ability to set up and preview draft 1099-NEC forms. To perform these actions, you must have administrator privileges in your account.

Getting Started

  1. Navigate to the 1099-NEC Forms section on your Dashboard.
  2. Click on Begin 2023 filing.

Step 1: Verify Payer Information

  1. Review the business details displayed in the Payer section, which will appear on all tax forms.
  2. Modify any incorrect information.
  3. Click Continue to proceed.


Support contacts

The Support contact information will be visible to your recipients and will be used by Wingspan's support team to escalate issues outside of our Support Ownership. The Support phone number will appear in the payer section on tax forms.


Note on Sub-Organizations

If a recipient is associated with a sub-organization within Wingspan, the payer name on their 1099 will display as: [Primary Organization Name] FBO [Sub-Organization Name].

Example: Warren Workshop Co. FBO Workshop Insurance Inc.

Step 2: Add New Recipients via Batch Upload

  1. Upload a spreadsheet with information about recipients who are not yet in your Wingspan account.
  2. These new recipients will be invited as collaborators and will get an email prompt to join Wingspan.

For a comprehensive guide on uploading recipients, click here.

Batch Upload

Step 3: Configure Payment Calculations

Set up how you want to calculate non-employee compensation for the 1099-NEC forms. Options include:

  • Off-Platform Payments: Include invoices marked as paid outside of Wingspan.
  • Card Processing Fees: Add any debit or credit card payment fees.
  • Reimbursable Expenses: Decide whether to include or exclude these line items.
Calculation Settings


Consult a Tax Advisor

Wingspan advises you to consult with a tax professional to choose the most suitable calculation options for your business.


Payment Date Recognition

Wingspan uses the date an invoice is paid to assign it to the appropriate tax year.

Step 4: Manage State Filing Requirements

Wingspan will automatically identify your state tax obligations and guide you through the process of entering any required state registration or withholding IDs.

State Filing

State-Level ID Requirements for Filing Form 1099s

Certain state tax authorities mandate additional state-level ID numbers when filing Form 1099s. This is typically necessary for reporting state taxes withheld, a feature not currently supported by Wingspan. Nonetheless, some states require these IDs even if no state taxes are withheld.

When to Provide State-Level IDs:
If you're filing for recipients in the following state is set to a state listed in the table below, adhere to the corresponding state-level ID requirements.

Alabama (AL)Yes
Mississippi (MS)Yes

Step 5: Review Draft Tax Forms

After setting up your preferences, you can preview draft 1099-NEC forms for your collaborators on the Dashboard. Draft statuses and amounts will become available for generation starting January 5th, 2024 - once all 2023 payments have been processed.