Team Permissions for 1099 Management

Guidelines for Team Collaboration and Data Access in Wingspan's 1099 Management

Inviting Team Members to Manage 1099s

Wingspan allows you to collaborate efficiently by inviting team members to access and manage 1099 forms. To grant a team member access:

  1. Go to Settings -> Team.
  2. Click on "Add team member".
  3. Select the "Collaborator" role for 1099 access.
  4. If your organization has sub-organization account entities set up in Wingspan, you can further specify which sub-organizations a team member can access.

Selecting Account on Login

If you have access to other teams in Wingspan, you will be prompted to select which team you would like to login to. Optionally, you can set a default team. You can always switch your team using the team switcher in the top left of the page.

Permissions & Allowed Actions

ActionPermission Required
Setup 1099 filingAdministrator Permissions
Edit payer informationAdministrator Permissions
Batch upload recipientsAdministrator Permissions
Edit calculation settingsAdministrator Permissions
Edit state filing settingsAdministrator Permissions
Batch import off-platform paymentsAdministrator Permissions
Generate 1099 Amounts & StatusAdministrator Permissions
Batch file 1099sAdministrator Permissions
Add individual recipientCollaborator Permissions
View and update 1099sCollaborator Permissions
Submit correctionsCollaborator Permissions

Note that users with Collaborator Permissions are only able to view and edit recipients in organizations which they have access to.

Setting Permissions for Sub-organizations

Some organizations may operate with multiple sub-entities or divisions. In Wingspan, you can assign team members to specific sub-organizations, ensuring they have access only to relevant data.


Ensure your permissions are correct

Always verify that team members are assigned to all appropriate sub-organizations. Misconfigured permissions have led to teammates making corrections on 1099 forms due to lacking access to certain data.

Permissions Scenario

Imagine John, a team member, has been granted permissions to view activities for the "Front of House" sub-organization, but not for the "Back of House". Now, Samantha is a collaborator affiliated with both sub-organizations and has transactions in each. In this scenario:

  • John can view all transactions associated with Samantha in the "Front of House" sub-organization but remains blind to her "Back of House" transactions.
  • When generating 1099 forms, Samantha will be listed twice: once for her "Front of House" transactions and once for "Back of House". However, John will only see the form detailing Samantha's "Front of House" transactions.

To minimize confusion, when John accesses this 1099 form, he will be shown a note: "Note: Samantha received an additional $271 in payments during 2023 from a sub-organization you don't have access to, specifically the 'Back of House'. To view or manage this information, contact an admin to update your permissions."

This notification ensures team members are informed if they are viewing incomplete financial data, guiding them towards the next appropriate steps and minimizing financial discrepancies.