Support Ownership

What types of questions you and Wingspan are responsible for.

This document specifies the support responsibilities for queries related to the Wingspan 1099-NEC filing, delineating the division of responsibilities between your organization and Wingspan support.

  • Wingspan handles: Common issues for authenticated users where Wingspan has the necessary information. This includes general inquiries about accessing 1099 tax forms or questions about non-receipt of a 1099. Wingspan serves as the first line of defense for supporting your 1099 recipients but cannot take legal actions like updating 1099s and submitting corrections.
  • Your responsibility: Handling questions unique to your business, such as specific reasons for non-receipt of a 1099 or inquiries about specific payments included in the 1099. Support for recipients who are not authenticated falls under your responsibility.

Wingspan's Responsibility

Login Questions

  • Email and Tax Information Updates: Assisting authenticated users in updating their tax information and providing a digital W-9.

    • Example Question: "How can I update my email address in my Wingspan account?"
  • Security and Access: Support on e-delivery security, account access, 2FA reset, and email resending.

    • Example Question: "I'm having trouble accessing my account, can you help?"

Pre-filing Questions

  • Tax Information Confirmation Questions: Support on providing digital W-9 information, eligibility for tax forms, e-delivery options, and editing personal information.

    • Example Question: "Am I eligible to receive a 1099 form?"
  • General 1099-NEC Education: Basic information about 1099-NEC and its tax implications.

    • Example Question: "What is a 1099-NEC form used for?"
  • Notifications and Reminders: Reminders about form availability and deadlines.

    • Example Question: "When will I receive notifications about my 1099-NEC?"

Post-filing Questions

  • Providing Guidance on Downloading 1099-NEC: Offering instructions to contractors on how to download or view their 1099-NEC from the Wingspan portal.

    • Example Question: "Can you guide me on how to download my 1099-NEC from the Wingspan portal?"
  • Clarification on Delivery Preferences: Helping contractors understand or change their preferences for receiving the 1099-NEC.

    • Example Question: "How can I change my preference to receive my 1099-NEC electronically?"
  • Form Corrections: Guidance for recipients on requesting corrections in-app.

    • Example Question: "How do I request a correction to my 1099-NEC form?"
  • Access to E-delivered Forms: Online availability, including for users who opted out initially.

    • Example Question: "How can I access my e-delivered 1099-NEC form?"
  • Technical Support: Assistance with technical issues on the Wingspan platform.

    • Example Question: "I'm experiencing a technical issue with the Wingspan platform, can you assist?"
  • Clarifying Non-Issuance of 1099-NEC: Explaining reasons for not receiving a 1099-NEC.

    • Example Question: "I didn't receive a 1099-NEC. Can you tell me why?"

Your Responsibility

Pre-filing Questions

  • Identity Verification: Assisting locked-out recipients in aligning their information with what you have on file. While Wingspan support can unlock the account, we are unable to provide the recipient their tax information for their security.

    • Example Question: "I'm locked out of my account because my details don't match, can you help?"
  • Email Invitation Issues: Helping users whose email address does not match the one on file.

    • Example Question: "I did not receive an email invitation to Wingspan, what should I do?"
  • Relocation Queries: Clarification on filing requirements after relocation.

    • Example Question: "I moved to a different state, how does this affect my 1099 filing?"

Post-filing Questions

  • Resending Digital Copies of 1099s: Assisting contractors with requests for resending digital copies of their 1099-NEC.
    • Example Question: "I lost the email with my 1099-NEC. Can you resend the digital copy?"
  • Assistance with Mailed 1099-NEC Queries: Handling queries related to re-mailing of 1099-NECs?
    • Example Question: "Can you send my 1099-NEC to a new address?"
  • Addressing Missing or Delayed 1099-NEC: Providing support for contractors who haven’t received their 1099-NEC as expected.
    • Example Question: "I haven’t received my 1099-NEC yet, what should I do?"
  • Assistance with Form Errors or Omissions: Addressing concerns about errors or omissions in the 1099-NEC.
    • Example Question: "There’s a mistake in my 1099-NEC, how can this be corrected?"
  • Access to Pre-Wingspan Tax Forms: Support for tax forms filed outside of Wingspan.
    • Example Question: "How can I access tax forms from before I started using Wingspan?"
  • Payment Details Clarification: Specific queries about individual payments.
    • Example Question: "Can you explain the details of a specific payment included in my 1099-NEC?"
  • Providing Last 4 Digits of TIN: Assisting contractors who need the last 4 digits of their Taxpayer Identification Number to access their form.
    • Example Question: "Can you provide the last 4 digits of my TIN for security verification?"
  • Earnings Discrepancies: Addressing questions about earnings mismatches or detailed earnings reports.
    • Example Question: "Why don't my earnings match what's reported on my 1099-NEC?"
  • Tax Deduction Queries: Assistance with checking mileage for tax deduction purposes.
    • Example Question: "How can I check my mileage for tax deductions?"
  • Tax Advice: Guidance on questions around deductions on Schedule-C.
    • Example Question: "Can you advise on what payments I can deduct on my Schedule-C?"

Additional Notes

  • Wingspan's team cannot send 1099 PDFs over email; they must be accessed via the Wingspan portal.
  • Wingspan supports only authenticated users; queries from unauthenticated users fall under your responsibility.