Batch Uploading Recipients into Wingspan

To issue 1099 forms to recipients without a Wingspan account, batch uploading is one of your available options. This method allows you to upload recipient information in bulk, making it especially useful in certain scenarios.

When to Use Batch Uploading

Consider batch uploading if:

  • You migrated to Wingspan in the middle of the year and need to consolidate records.
  • You've made payments to contractors through platforms other than Wingspan.
  • You are using Wingspan primarily for 1099 form filing.

Batch imports can be executed multiple times until the January 25th filing deadline.

Note: New recipients added through batch uploading will receive an invitation to join Wingspan and confirm their tax details.


Note: Only users with full admin permissions can perform batch imports.

Step-by-Step Guide to Batch Uploading Recipients

1. Access the Batch Import Page

From the 1099 Dashboard, navigate to Actions > Batch Add Recipients

2. Prepare Your Spreadsheet

Upload a spreadsheet in CSV, XLS, or XLSX format. The spreadsheet should include columns corresponding to the following data fields:

Spreadsheet Column Details

Column NameDetailsRequired
Email addressUnique, valid, and accessible email for authentication.Yes
Organization AccountOptional assignment to an organization account.No
External IDNo
First NameMust match the legal first name on IRS records.*No
Last NameMust match the legal last name on IRS records.*No
W-9 Social Security Number (SSN)Formatted with or without hyphens (e.g., 123-45-6789).**No
W-9 Employer Identification Number (EIN)Formatted with or without hyphens (e.g., 12-3456789).**No
W-9 Legal Business NameRequired if any W-9 fields are populated.*Required if EIN is provided
W-9 Disregarded Entity NameAlternate business name if different from legal name.*No
W-9 Company StructureIf EIN is provided, allowed values are:
- Sole proprietorship
- C-corp
- S-corp
- Partnership
- LLC (single member)
- LLC (Taxed as S-corp)
- LLC (Taxed as C-corp)
- LLC (Taxed as Partnership)

If SSN is selected, allowed values are:
- Sole proprietorship
- LLC (single member)
CountryMust adhere to ISO 3166-2 standards.No
Address Line 1Cannot be a P.O. box due to IRS restrictions.If Country is provided
Address Line 2No
CityIf Country is U.S.
StateTwo-letter code for U.S. states or province otherwise.If Country is provided
Postal CodeFormat varies based on country.If Country is provided
Custom FieldsColumns for any additional custom fields.Varies

*Only alphabetical letters (A-Z), numerics (0-9), hyphens (-), and ampersands are allowed in the legal business name, and first and last name due to IRS restrictions.
**Wingspan allows you to provide either an SSN or an EIN for the information that will appear on Form 1099; however, you cannot provide both.

Example Spreadsheets

  1. Comprehensive Example: Contains all possible fields.
  2. Tax and Address-Focused Example: Includes W-9 and address details.

Updating Existing Recipients

When you upload a new batch, the system automatically checks for existing recipients using the External ID and Email as identifiers. Here's how the update logic works:

Identification Priority

  • External ID takes precedence: If an External ID is provided in the spreadsheet, the system will prioritize it over the Email to identify existing recipients.

Update Rules

  1. Immutable Organization Account: Once set, the Organization Account cannot be updated via batch upload.
  2. Error Handling:
    • If both External ID and Email are provided but the Email doesn't match the existing record, a error will occur for that row. The error will state that the row will not be imported and will display the existing email linked to that External ID.
    • The import process will continue for other rows, excluding the invalid one.

How to Correct Mismatched Emails and External IDs

If you need to correct a mismatch between an External ID and an Email:

  1. Remove the External ID from the recipient profile that has the incorrect Email.
  2. Add a new recipient record with the correct Email and External ID in the next batch upload.

3. Error Handling and Validation

  • Recipient Identification: If an External ID is provided, it takes precedence over the Email.
  • Email and External ID Mismatch: If both are provided but don't match existing data, the row will be excluded from import.
  • Organization Account Constraints: Specified organization account must exist in the system. If not, you'll be prompted to match with an existing one.

Data Validation Rules

  • Unique Emails: Must be unique unless recipients are assigned to different Organization Accounts.
  • Unique External IDs: Must be unique and not duplicated.
  • Unique TINs: A unique email can only be linked to one TIN.

4. Upload the Spreadsheet

Follow the prompts to upload your prepared spreadsheet.

5. Handling Errors

Should any errors arise during the import, you will be provided with a CSV file outlining these errors. Correct the issues and re-upload the file. There's no need to re-upload rows that were successfully imported.

Screenshot of error CSV download when adding recipients

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happens if a recipient doesn't confirm their tax details?

Two scenarios may occur:

  1. If W-9 details were provided by you during the batch upload, these details will be used.
  2. If no details were provided either by you or the recipient, the 1099 cannot be filed.

Are there any limitations on batch upload size?

There are no limitations on the number of rows or the file size for the batch upload.